Saturday, 30 June 2007

Day ffffffffffffffffffffffive: FIN

Today is the fifth and final day of Hove 2007. Since we probably won't have the opportunity to update the blog tomorrow - we'll be on our return flight - here's the deal for Saturday, June 30.

Domestic bands do dominate proceedings, with Modest Mouse popping up at 7pm on the second stage to regale all with their salty indie-pop shanties. Expect us to be dancing to 'Dashboard'. The day's headlined by My Chemical Romance, and DiS is expecting excellent sets from both The Horrors and The Gossip.

Oh, and today we're DJing. Wish us luck, as we've still A LOT of booze at the DiS house to get through before hitting the decks. Could be messy, and we have to get up early. Ouch.

Look out for a full review of Hove, as penned by Rob Webb, Dom Gourlay, Raziq Rauf, Will Dean and m'self, in the next few days... plus a load of AWESOME shots from Gary A WHOLE BOTTLE OF JAGER Wolstenholme. Quite how he's standing...

Mike x

Day four: mosh...

Yesterday was metal day, and under normal circumstances this would result in me running for the hills in an attempt to avoid said noise. However, the planets conspired (with, possibly, assistance from a barman or two) to leave me sated by Slayer and moshing to Mastodon - the latter saw a trio of skinny DiSsers forming a series of pits with burly Norwegian metalheads and somehow living to tell the tale. There are photos.

Earlier in the day, I had a chat with Dorian from The Long Blondes after their cracking headline set in the pink tent. Topics of conversation included the recording of their second LP for Rough Trade (it'll be out, hopefully, early next year) and how much better European festivals are than their English counterparts. We also discussed the weather in Sheffield - where we both have the pleasure of residing - and how it'd be nice if the whole New Yorkshire phenomenon got washed away by the deluge. He also told me who'd be producing on the next record, but I'm sworn to secrecy. However, I can tell you that it's not Steve Mackey (the man behind their debut, 'Someone To Drive You Home') or, indeed, gun-toting loon Phil Spector.

In other news, The Lionheart Brothers were great despite a 4pm time slot, DiS snapper Gary almost broke his nose after taking a 'butt to the face during Slayer and, letting the side down somewhat, Will went to see Damien Rice instead of the aforementioned metal behemoths. Why, Will, why?

Rob x

Friday, 29 June 2007

Day three: Chicken and Beer

Day three of Hove saw the sun shine brilliantly for the first time this week. The DiS camp’s spirit supplies were ravaged by marauding northerners – that’ll be 65daysofstatic, then – but we weren’t that bothered. We’ll be straight on the M1 once we’re back to raid their cupboards.

Day three’s main stage line-up was almost exclusively comprised of hip-hop acts. Akala drew a sizeable crowd, but it was Ludacris who really had Hove bouncing. That said, there were instructions to do so on the big screen. We merely obliged.

The second stage’s indie bill was entertaining enough: Tokyo Police Club and TV On The Radio suited the sun brilliantly, but Interpol’s atmospheric gloom was dissipated rather by the blue skies above them. Their set, if we’re being honest, was a little lacklustre.

Neurosis, though: stunning. And they hurt us, really. DiS’s chests are as bruised as our ears after the metal outfit’s 1am headline set on the second stage. Oh, and 65days? Before they drank DiS’s Jim Beam supply dry, they stunned the pink-tented third stage with a blistering set of typical intensity. We were all smiles.

Today: Slayer. The metal kids are out en masse, and we’re a little scared of them. Wish us luck…

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Day two: somebody told us...

...that a random woman got on stage with the Killers. DiS missed it, though: we were dancing, lots. Even to a Joy Division cover. Bad form, Flowers, bad form.

In other day two matters, the sun shined. For a while. Right at the end of the day. But it didn't rain too much, mercifully. In terms of bands, DiS caught the aforementioned Las Vegas four-piece headlining the main stage, as well as Maps on the third stage (a bright pink tent, since you didn't ask). The second stage - headlined by Bright Eyes at 1am - was primarily dominated by all matters metal, with Chimaira, Gojira and Unearth among the acts shredding earholes across the festival site. Raz was there. He's not quite recovered, we fear.

The highlight of the day, though, was undoubtedly Arcade Fire. A string of superlatives here probably wouldn't do the Montreal collective justice, so let's save the praise for the review proper. Just know that DiS snapper Gary Wolstenholme - a true metal head - 'fessed to having a lump in his throat during their set. Sweet.

Today, it's not raining. Bonus. In a few hours: 65daysofstatic, Tokyo Police Club, LUDACRIS, Interpol and TV on the Radio. Times, they're good.

Mike x

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Day one: rain, rain, a downpour, and then some more rain...

Day one of Hove sees the heavens open in quite spectacular fashion, yet DiS's spirits were dampened not. Our clothes, though, are stinking this morning.

Highlights on day one were myriad: Klaxons altered the team's critical opinions in the best possible way, delivering a set that left Dom Gourlay utterly breathless; Chromeo encouraged the rain to relent for a whole minute on the second stage (a wonderful amphitheatre); Kaiser Chiefs closed the day's proceedings with a flourish; and Winehouse was, well, thin. She sang a bit, too.

Today, the metal has arrived; Raz Rauf is, to say the least, pretty fucking excited. The skies, too, are clearing; a Glastonbury mess Hove is not. Mercifully. Plus, the beaches are awesome.

'Til tomorrow, readers, friends and jealous folk.

Mike x

Monday, 25 June 2007

DiS has landed...

The team, as it were, has safely arrived at the Hove site.
All around: trees, sea, a little sand, a few free beers, some grub...
Nothing's on as yet, band wise. But there is a football pitch right outside our house.
Yes, we have a house. GlastonWHAT?

Much love.

Mike Dx

Sunday, 24 June 2007


Just how many different band t-shirts should one be seen sporting over the course of a continental music festival?


Good times.

I can't wait to talk about the Hawley Arms with Winehouse...