Saturday, 30 June 2007

Day ffffffffffffffffffffffive: FIN

Today is the fifth and final day of Hove 2007. Since we probably won't have the opportunity to update the blog tomorrow - we'll be on our return flight - here's the deal for Saturday, June 30.

Domestic bands do dominate proceedings, with Modest Mouse popping up at 7pm on the second stage to regale all with their salty indie-pop shanties. Expect us to be dancing to 'Dashboard'. The day's headlined by My Chemical Romance, and DiS is expecting excellent sets from both The Horrors and The Gossip.

Oh, and today we're DJing. Wish us luck, as we've still A LOT of booze at the DiS house to get through before hitting the decks. Could be messy, and we have to get up early. Ouch.

Look out for a full review of Hove, as penned by Rob Webb, Dom Gourlay, Raziq Rauf, Will Dean and m'self, in the next few days... plus a load of AWESOME shots from Gary A WHOLE BOTTLE OF JAGER Wolstenholme. Quite how he's standing...

Mike x

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