Thursday, 28 June 2007

Day two: somebody told us...

...that a random woman got on stage with the Killers. DiS missed it, though: we were dancing, lots. Even to a Joy Division cover. Bad form, Flowers, bad form.

In other day two matters, the sun shined. For a while. Right at the end of the day. But it didn't rain too much, mercifully. In terms of bands, DiS caught the aforementioned Las Vegas four-piece headlining the main stage, as well as Maps on the third stage (a bright pink tent, since you didn't ask). The second stage - headlined by Bright Eyes at 1am - was primarily dominated by all matters metal, with Chimaira, Gojira and Unearth among the acts shredding earholes across the festival site. Raz was there. He's not quite recovered, we fear.

The highlight of the day, though, was undoubtedly Arcade Fire. A string of superlatives here probably wouldn't do the Montreal collective justice, so let's save the praise for the review proper. Just know that DiS snapper Gary Wolstenholme - a true metal head - 'fessed to having a lump in his throat during their set. Sweet.

Today, it's not raining. Bonus. In a few hours: 65daysofstatic, Tokyo Police Club, LUDACRIS, Interpol and TV on the Radio. Times, they're good.

Mike x

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