Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Day one: rain, rain, a downpour, and then some more rain...

Day one of Hove sees the heavens open in quite spectacular fashion, yet DiS's spirits were dampened not. Our clothes, though, are stinking this morning.

Highlights on day one were myriad: Klaxons altered the team's critical opinions in the best possible way, delivering a set that left Dom Gourlay utterly breathless; Chromeo encouraged the rain to relent for a whole minute on the second stage (a wonderful amphitheatre); Kaiser Chiefs closed the day's proceedings with a flourish; and Winehouse was, well, thin. She sang a bit, too.

Today, the metal has arrived; Raz Rauf is, to say the least, pretty fucking excited. The skies, too, are clearing; a Glastonbury mess Hove is not. Mercifully. Plus, the beaches are awesome.

'Til tomorrow, readers, friends and jealous folk.

Mike x

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